Do your teams struggle to see the big picture?


Do you have challenges monitoring key indicators and metrics?


Does your organization have lots of data but still lack information?

Data visualization is the presentation of data in graphical or pictorial format, in order to derive new understandings or insights.  Presenting data visually enables decision makers to quickly grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns.  Interactive visualizations allow manipulation of the presentation by drilling deeper into data.

DataBind works with clients to unlock the value in their existing data systems by incorporating relevant visualizations into business processes and activities.  Using Microsoft’s powerful Business Intelligence tools (on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid), we can provide you with the clarity you are looking for.

Recent Successes

transit visualization

Our Transit Data Reporting Solution takes bus GPS and passenger loading data for a transit authority’s bus fleet, performs proprietary data quality preprocessing and analytics, and generates reports on transit performance according to any array of metrics.  Developed in partnership with the University of Waterloo’s transit research group, our solution provides insights to support transit route planning and investment decisions.

Our Food Security Data Solution takes information regarding meal frequency and nutritional value for vulnerable households in Malawi and Zambia and generates interactive visualizations of the data, to support relief and development agencies in needs assessment and response planning.  Developed in partnership with World Renew, an NGO operating in Africa and elsewhere, this cloud based solution receives information submitted by field agents via SMS, validates and processes the data, and presents it via PowerBI.

Food shortage per capita in Malawi