At a Glance

Easily manage your projects with the project overview addon. View project health and easily find projects with the filterable map or table view on the overview dashboard.


Work Smarter

Using the My Tasks add-on for SharePoint your team can stay organized with our enhanced tasks roll-up. Users can easily update and give feedback on their tasks straight from the My Tasks dashboard.


Stay Organized

Find all of the information for a project in one place. Documents, tasks, contacts and timelines organized in one site.

Built on SharePoint/Office 365 and Azure, Project Solutions allow…

  • project teams to collaborate and communicate effectively
  • sales teams to track opportunities
  • familiar, central management and access of project related information
  • individual level visibility on assigned tasks across all projects
  • manager level visibility of a project portfolio
  • best in class search and discovery capabilities
  • role-based security
  • business intelligence, insights and reporting

DataBind’s Project Centric Solutions aim to knit together a project’s entire lifecycle; from lead (CRM, Opportunity List) through to delivery (SharePoint, Office365) as well as financial management (ERP).

Project Center combines document management, schedule creation and publishing, task/issue/risk tracking, financial reporting, contact sharing, email monitoring and organization, report generation and sharing, etc. Our solutions provide easy navigation, a familiar working environment and overall visibility to the entire project team; they tie in the information the team needs, when they need it, and provides the ability to aggregate at team/department levels (i.e. “what are ‘we’ working on?) as well as at a personal level (i.e., “what am ‘I’ working on?).

Our Approach

DataBind’s Project Centric Solutions are geared toward firms with a need for: enhanced visibility of information, the dismantling of internal silos and better management of organizational knowledge..

Jump Start

Gather requirements, develop road map.


Initial deployment, and build-out of the core system to get you up and running quickly


Extend beyond the core to provide an enhanced user experience and broader functionality


Further refine the user experience, integrate with other business information systems.


Post launch support, training, mentoring and troubleshooting