Does your organization handle large quantities of documents (files, emails, etc)? Are you storing these large quantities of documents, for archiving/retention purposes?


Does your team process many of these documents manually? Are you considering ways to streamline your processes?


Do you need to track additional information about these documents such as review/approvals, access and other audit trail information?


Have you ever struggled with locating and retrieving the right documents?

Many organizations operate document intensive business processes involving large quantities of files, emails, or hardcopies. These processes are frequently inefficient, labor intensive, inaccurate, and expensive. Often these organizations also have retention requirements, further complicating the document management challenge and introducing additional cost.

DataBind’s Managed Document Solution, built on Office365/SharePoint online, provides a fully digital end-to-end system providing document intake, processing, storage, retention, and search capabilities. This solution improves process efficiencies, provides substantial cost savings, and simplifies storage and retrieval. Support for data scan/capture, flexible processing workflow capabilities, cloud storage, and integration with existing business systems ensures that the solution can be tailored to meet any requirements.

Key features include…

  • document capture (including data extraction, text OCR, etc.)
  • processing (workflows to streamline or automate business processes)
  • storage (during active portion of document lifecycle)
  • retention (archiving for regulatory compliance)
  • search (for easy retrieval)
  • integration with line of business databases (to support workflows, enhance search, provide metadata, etc.)

Some benefits your team will realize

Streamline business processes

Achieve significant efficiency gains and accuracy improvements by automating business processes through workflows

Reduce storage costs

Eliminate costly hardcopy storage and retrieval.  Offload capital expense by using cloud storage.

Gain better insight into business flow

Report on document processing volumes, status, exceptions, etc.

Simplify compliance

Ensure regulatory requirements are met through improved control, auditing, and reporting capabilities.  Provide e-discovery and legal hold capabilities.

Include business partners

Extend processes to include key business partners (e.g. customers, suppliers) via secure extranet.